Sisters Tea & Talk


Upbeat Conversation about Living in Islam from a Moorish Perspective. We will discuss topics about faith, family, as well as how to deal with Christian family members and friends who don’t understand Islam. How should a Sister reflect her faith of Islam in dress and speech? We will cover many topics that reflects Sisters living in the faith of Islam.

We welcome newly converted Sisters in Islam to ask questions from our seasoned Moslem Sisters to help you along your journey. This is also a great way for Brothers to listen in to hear a Sisters perspective of Islam and how to choose wisely a wife that will be evenly yoked with you. We will have Sisters from various Temples across the country sharing their thoughts and personal stories of faith, struggles and triumphs.

Intelligent, Thought provoking Dialog from Strong Sisters fixed in their Faith of Islam. Don’t forget to add your cup of tea.

Hosted by (SACI) Sisters Auxiliary Circle of Islam

TUNE IN LIVE at Click on the RCSWS tab.
To Call in to Listen, Share or Ask Question/ 712-432-3066 / Code:552658

Let's Dialog

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Sisters Spiritual Retreat 2015

The Big DayJuly 15, 2015
Praise Allah !! The big day is here. Travel safe Sisters.
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