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Our Sister Hug Weekend was Celebrated During Our Moorish Independent Day The weekend July 20th, 2014  Hosted by Governess Shante Harris El of Grand Temple #4 Syracuse NY.

Our Sister Hug Weekend is a annual tradition where members of the SACI (Sisters Auxiliary Circle of Islam) will have a Sister willing to sponsors a Sister Hug Weekend in her area to be hostess to Sisters from various Temples across the country. This Year our Sister Hug Weekend was hosted by Sheikess Shanteashia Harris El of Temple #4. Represented was Grand Temple #2 (Georgia), Grand Temple #1 (Mid-West), and Study Group #8 (California). There was a Sisters themed Holy Day Services, Nature Walk, Hot Tub & Dancing (Sisters ONLY), Meditation, Chanting and Sisterly Love gift secret gift giving shared with words of wisdom, laughter, hugs, tears of reflection, and Sisterly Love given in abundance.

We are having our Sisters Spiritual Retreat to St, Thomas in 2015 Plans have be locked……..Look to follow our “Sisters Living Islam” blog where we will share our life experience, Islamic fashion, wellness advise, business sense, Moorish recipes……and much more REAL Sisters in Islam sharing how we Love to Live in Islam!

Grand Governess Yssis Saadi El/ Grand Temple #2 Atlanta GA



Our Sister shared their experience in words.

 Islam Islam Islam!!

All praises to Allah, the Father of the Universe. High honors to our Holy & Divinely prepared Prophet-Noble Drew Ali. Honors to our Supreme Grand Shaykh for his diligence, obedience and eternal love to Allah, Islam & Prophet Drew Ali through his acts, words and deeds.

The Sister hug weekend can be described in one word – LOVE!! To be in the presence of such grace & love was over -whelming at moments. Let me also give high honors to Sister Shante for being an amazing planner, hostess and sister. Sister Shante & I have developed an amazing relationship over the years. I trust that sister with my life!! Her heart is pure & her intent and actions are the outcome of it. She is
the sister I never imagined to exist. I honor her for opening up her home to us and providing everything we could need. I didn’t want to leave!!!
All my sisters had the best time singing, dancing, pampering ourselves, eating, staying up late talking, crying, meditating and just fellowship in the bliss of Islam. One of my favorite moments was our spa day. We listened to music, sang, danced and talked. The spa location surpassed our expectations-again I didn’t want to leave! This event was memorable & magical. I’m so grateful that Allah saw fit for me to be in the presence of such beautiful women. Islam. Islam. Islam. [ Governess Karima H. Bey/ Indiana]


First, I rise in humble submission of gratitude and praise to my Father God Allah, the Head and Sustainer of my Life.  Honor to His/Our Holy and Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali.  Honor to our SGS Shaykh Ra Saadi El.  Honor to all True and Faith Moslems.  Islam Islam Islam!!!

10672301_10152760889552640_6696983286348367482_nWhat can I say about our Sister Hug Weekend?  For me it was refreshing, fortifying and enlightening…I can go on and on and on.   Spending time with my Sisters sharing lessons through our own experiences; giving and receiving lots of love, laughter and hugs; cryingand singing together; enjoying great tasty food; strolling together on our nature walk; sisterly spa time; the gift-sharing; and just enjoying one another’s company solidified the Love and Unity that I knew we shared one for another…True Moorish Sisterhood.  It’s so awesome to be around sincere, genuine Sisters of the same mind and heart for Allah, slam, and our Prophet.  Totally Drama-Free!!!!   Much gratitude and Love to QM for the private tour of her hometown prior to going to Syracuse.  I will always cherish the one-on-one, up-all-nighter she gave me in sharing her wisdom and history of MSTA-1928.  I was truly blessed!!!

With all of that said, the highlight and most cherished moment of this event was being able to stand in front of the Prophet’s Billboard and bear witness to the demonstration of love and race pride of Temple #4.  Tears of Joy began to flow as I gazed at the sight.  Truly an unforgettable moment!!!  Overall, I left there with a greater understanding of myself and a greater desire to be the best Moabitess and Moslem I can be.  Praise Allah for Sheikess Shante and Temple #4 manifesting this wonderful idea.  I look forward to the sweet embrace of future Sister Hug Weekends to come! Your Sister in Islam, Sheikess Talia Shekinah Bey



When I was asked to host the first Sister Hug Weekend, I was honored to have my sisters visit Temple 4.  In planning for the weekend I wanted to make sure my sisters had a relaxing and fun-filled weekend. I chose activities that would promote solidarity in sisterhood from walking a nature trial to a day at the spa to collective meditation. I have hosted the Leadership of Grand Temple 2 and Grand Temple 1 but the preparation for hosting my sisters was unmatched. I mean, I had my childhood friend,  mom-in-law and even my king cleaning, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and organizing in preparation of the arrival of my Moorish Sisters. In the over the top cleaning I found joy in toiling to make sure my sisters felt comfortable and at home in my humble abode. I enlisted my brother-in-law to prepare healthy but flavorful meals for the weekend. I was full of excitement.

Upon the arrival of my sisters  on Friday afternoon, I felt at ease. I greeted my sisters with warm welcoming hugs. Love filled the house. Friday Holy Day Service was full of heartfelt lessons of  sisterhood, family and commitment. The Sisters sang songs that brought tears of joy to my eyes. After Holy Day Services we shared in a wonderful meal. Saturday we went on a nature walk. I felt unplugged from the daily hustles and bustles of life. The air was warm and fresh. Being amongst my sisters in nature brought about a feeling of serenity. We laughed, talked and sang in nature. Then we shared in a spa day… what can I say about that.

Fun, Food, Music and Relaxation. When we shared a moment in front of the billboard Temple 4 is leasing promoting the Truth via Prophet Drew Ali, I felt that peace and happiness Prophet Drew Ali spoke of in Chapter 25. We then enjoyed dinner at an area restaurant.  On Sunday we participated in a meditation session that was, for me, uncontested. I experienced an overwhelming sense of peace. I felt connected to the other sister’s high selves all at once. It was so powerful it left me speechless for a while.  After the meditation session when we hugged and prayed a sense of sisterly love filled the house. We then spent more quality time together sharing our stories, eating and exchanging gifts on Sunday.  This weekend was a demonstration of Sisters uniting in the name of Allah, Islam and Prophet Drew Ali.  I thank the Sisters of SACI for allowing Temple 4 to host the first Sister Hug Weekend. I can’t wait for our next Sister Hug Weekend in the Virgin Islands. Peace and Love, Praise be to Allah,   Governess Shante Harris El- Grand Temple 4 Syracuse, NY

Islam Islam Islam!

Sister Hug Weekend

Meeting new sisters and reuniting with sisters, what a beautiful blessing, to know that you have family all over the states.  My beautiful sister (Daughter)  Shante who open her warm and comfortable home to each of us and planned  meals and outings for us to enjoy. Sisters I thank you each for a weekend to remember and cherish always. My prayer for you all is that Allah will continue to bless and keep you.

Sister Hug
P ure
U ncut
R  aw
E  embracing
Peace and love, Praise Allah[Mother Eunice Bey]

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