Now the journey beings

latest-nature-hd-background-wallpaperI have reached a stage in my spiritual ripening in which intellect can no longer guide me. Only intuition can show me the way. My intuition is an uninterrupted flow which dawns spontaneously from its source, deep down within me. Now the journey beings.

Be the Prayer

Peace & Blessings!

cool-hd-widescreen-moving-wallpapers1When you say everything is well and it is not you will find yourself suffering alone. Sometimes sharing your pain with those who love and give understanding may assist you step closer in leaving whats not working alone.
Allah already knows your pain it Up to You to be the Cure.

Head Up , Stay Focused and Keep it Moving…… Don’t just say a prayer be the Prayer!

Sisters Spiritual Retreat 2015

The Big DayJuly 15, 2015
Praise Allah !! The big day is here. Travel safe Sisters.