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We welcome you to meet some of the dedicated Sisters of SACI

Although the Sister’s Auxiliary Circle of Islam (SACI) was established in 2008; it is merely an extension of The Moorish National Sisters Auxiliary which was established in 1928 in the city of Chicago. During this time The Moorish Science Temple of America was flourishing with a steady increase of membership; there was a central need to address women issues who were new converts to the faith of Islam; also to establish a community presence to assist the needy. It would be Sis. J. Levine El; president of the Moorish National Sisters Auxiliary along with other faithful Moorish Moslem Sisters that would fashion the mission of the auxiliary to assist the underprivileged; women had to be over thirty years of age to join. It was the Moorish National Sisters Auxiliary that builds strong tides under the banner of Sisterhood in Islam with its many purposeful missions to uplift fallen humanity in services to Allah. Today the dedicated spirits of Sisters have united once again to continue in the same fashion as our faithful predecessors of The Moorish National Sisters Auxiliary. We have broadened our circle to include all Sisters of faith; however being under the emphases of Islam from a Moorish perspective.

The Sister Circle of Islam is hosted by the Sister’s Auxiliary Circle of Islam was founded in 2008; it was a collaborative vision of the women’s membership of The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 that saw a need and a sincere desired to make our ideas workable. Presently the Sister Auxiliary Circle of Islam hosts a variety of events for women to not only establish meaningful Sisterly bonds but to help Sisters reach a heightened experience in living the faith of Islam through faith & wellness workshops, dialog circles, meditation sessions and community outreach and so much more.

We have so much we will be sharing in our hopes to inform, educate and uplift Sisters of faith in showing how we overcome hardships and heartbreaks turning our stumbling block into stepping stones. Our page is only to promote real Sisters living and loving their faith in Islam as welcome all Sisters of faith to share your experiences. Our blog is manufactured from the heart and as right as rain, sharing healthy recipes, wellness information, business tips, raising children in Islam, family ties, relationships, education and so much more. We embrace you with open arms with nothing but love on our hearts and truth on our tongues. We will keep it simple in order not to confuse our mission to promote Sister Unity within the faith of Islam.

SACI Amiress (President) 2014-Present 

342323343Sheikess Talia Shekinah Bey of Study Group #8 in California is the present Amiress (President) of the Sister Auxiliary Circle of Islam (SACI).  She has been a member of The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 since 2012.  Her hunger and thirst to know the true meaning of her life and purpose in this world led her to search for Truth of Self outside of Christianity where she served in various capacities as a Ministry Leader for over 20 Years.  Under the guidance of Allah, the search led her to Islam through the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali where she continues to grow spiritually and morally in the Knowledge of Self and her Creator.

She was born and raised in San Francisco, California and is a mother of one son.   A survivor of Domestic Abuse and an over-comer of the struggles and challenges of a single mother is when her desire to uplift women came to fruition.  As an active member of Rhema Worship Center in 2005, she participated on the Board of Directors for the Daughters of Love women’s home in Vallejo, California where she also ministered to the hearts of the women.

She has served in the financial field for 10 Years and is currently a California Licensed Life Insurance Agent and District Manager with Primerica Financial Services.  She studied Secretarial/Word Processor at Heald Business College in San Francisco.  She developed her administrative and secretarial skills as an active member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals for 10 years, in which she served on the Board of Directors for 4 Years (2 Years as President of a local chapter). As a talented songstress, Sheikess Talia S. Bey gave a gift to all Moorish Americans by producing the very first Moorish National anthem.

She has received several accolades from The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 in recognition of her loyal and dedicated spirit. Her drive to be a blessing to others is merely due to her sincere dedication to be in services to Allah. Sheikess Talia S. Bey is never absent when the need and assistance with a project are called for; she always makes herself available to anything that is a benefit to humanity. You will always be welcomed with a big smile and a Sisterly warm loving embrace from Sheikess Talia; for what’s in her heart is resonated in her bright and affectionate personality which is surly contiguous.    Her passion for uplifting humanity is rooted in her love of Father God Allah and the giving of herself in service through the participation of various ministry outreach and interfaith communities.



SACI Co-Founder /Chairperson 


Grand Governess Yssis Saadi El is the Co-Founder and Chairperson of SACI.

As a native New Yorker; Yssis Saadi El received her degree in Electronics Engineering Technology in 1990 she would spend fifteen years in service to the field of technology; however, her passion to service humanity would come to fruition in the latter year of 2003 with the founding of Mother Is Calling Production. To date, Mother Is Calling Production serves as a conduit for the public and correctional institutions to receive various publication in educating, informing and uplifting with the production of varies books, DVD’s and audio CD’s that can be seen on the Moorish Islamic Store e-commerce site. She received her certification as an Executive Producer through PeopleTV in 2004, a cable network station located in Atlanta Georgia. Having been the executive producer of the long-running television show entitled “Islam In America A Moorish Perspective” for over five consecutive seasons she would receive “You make a Difference” Award from PeopleTV Atlanta for outstanding works in production and editing. Yssis is also the founder of Red Crescent and Star World Studios (RCSWS) which is a Moorish Islamic community communication network hosting various web radio programs as a means to inform, educate and uplift. Yssis often ask to be a guest speaker at many interfaith community events to expound on the faith of Islam from a Moorish perspective; having a natural ability to connect with her audience her deliverance is not only informative but spiritually engaging.

Yssis Saadi El is currently a Grand Governess and Sr. Minister within The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928/ Grand Temple #2 located in Decatur GA. Along with her husband Shaykh Ra Saadi El, she has been the creative force behind the development of varies community programs in assisting men and women as a spiritual mentor by providing religious services to inmates within the State and Federal Institutions. Acknowledged and entitled the “Queen Mother” of The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 she is known for bringing a royal essence to all that she does. She is well grounded in the aspects of Moorish Sufi meditation circles helping Sisters to connect to their very beginnings through various Moorish Islamic traditions of meditation and chatting. She also provides Islamic spiritual counseling to those seeking a better relationship with self and new converts to Islam centered around spiritual awareness and faith-based application. Yssis has formulated and restored many Moorish Islamic customs and traditions which emphasize Sisterhood in establishing traditions centered around the pure faith of Islam, race-pride, and unity to be passed on to future generations.

In 2012; Yssis Saadi El was appointed as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) by the juvenile court to help define the best interests of a child in a dependency proceeding and to provide independent in reporting factual information to the court. She acts as a dedicated conduit linking with several interfaith organizations that share the same visions to better the community through faith awareness and community outreach. Yssis Saadi El has a BS psychology and presently pursuing an MSW, she feels there should be national attention drawn to address the dysfunctional mentality of the American population of people labeled as Negro, Black, Colored, and African-American. She believes that a race of people who were placed under forced assimilation to take on the customs, names, and religion of their slaveholders has created a perpetual personality disorder on our people, which many are unaware of the condition that continues to destroy us as a people today. Yssis Saadi El sits on the board of Directors of Faith Alliance Metro Atlanta (FAMA) helping engage people with religious dialogue through inte

Yssis Saadi El has received countless awards and recognition for her community outreach to which she continues to lead by example. Knowing first-hand struggles of teenage mothers, Yssis Saadi El was able to overcome her struggles as a young mother of two to be an example for other young mothers that they too can be successful, happy and secured with self. As a daughter, sister, mother, wife, grandmother, friend, nurturer, and entrepreneur Yssis Saadi El holds fast in bringing about solutions and not just talking about the problems. Yssis Saadi El feels that people who work with their passion as a benefit to humanity serve as the greatest resource in bringing about change for the better.

SACI Health & Wellness Minister

Are Sisterly health and wellness tips comes from one of our very own who happens to be a healthcare professional. One of our mission is to provide Sisters with the most relevant medical information needed for them to make informed decisions in regard to the health care of themselves and their family members. We aim to educate women on the mental and physical measures required to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

sisshanteGoverness Shante Harris El has always been a spiritual person full of race pride. She has Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Rochester to become a Registered Nurse (RN). She practiced as a Registered Nurse in Syracuse, NY for five years, specializing in hospital nursing. During that time she would earn a Master degree of Science in Nursing from Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY where she became a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C). As an FNP-C she is licensed to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients across the gender and lifespan, however, she has been practicing as an NP for over eight years, specializing in women’s health.

She has always believed in giving back and uplifting the community through her volunteering for the local Big Brother Big Sister Program in Syracuse, NY. She is seen as such a community force focused on change for the better in not just simply giving lip services but being active in seeing her commitment through. Governess Shante was elected as Vice President of the Southside Community Coalition whose mission is to revitalize the South Side of Syracuse, NY. In recognition of her dedicated services to Allah and the MSTA1928, she was appointed Governess by the Grand Body of The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 in 2014. She is noted for creating Moorish Islamic children activities books, hosting several community Prophet Day celebrations events, SACI events, along with public lectures feathering Moorish leader, historian and Islamic scholar Shaykh Ra Saadi El.

Governess Shante is known for community activism with her participation in “Stop the Violence Rally” and “Stop Police Brutality and Racial Profiling” in Syracuse, NY. Governess Shante along with her husband Grand Sheik Bilal Harris El is responsible for the very first public billboard to be displayed in Syracuse, NY showcasing The Moorish Science Temple of America founded Prophet Drew Ali. Her community outreach has gone to the reopening of the community food cooperative program entitled “Eat to Live” encouraging families to eat more fresh vegetables than processed foods. Governess Shante Harris El fulfilling her duties to inform, educate and uplifted has accomplished an ultimate show of love and loyalty with the purchase of a building to house The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928/Grand Temple #4; located at 509 Valley Drive Syracuse, NY 13207.

To describe Governess Shante Harris El in one word would be “brilliant”, as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend her life is merely a reflection of what she loves and respects. Her chosen profession is reflective of her passion to uplift fallen humanity by way of treating and educating women about health and wellness. However, it is the love she has for her faith which gives a greater purpose and balance to all that she does; Governess Shante El is not a Sister you will find seating in the back row as a simple spectator; she is a take charge motivated Sister in wanting for others what she wants for herself.

SACI / Senior Board Member

G KarimeGoverness Karima Hasan Bey is a devout Moorish American Moslem. She has been a member of the Moorish Science Temple of America since December of 2004. Shortly after proclaiming her Divine Nationality she was gracefully appointed the role of Secretary. Her commitment and organizational skills played an important role in the mission of the Temple at that time. Through her transition to the 1928 Grand Body, Sister Karima embraced a sisterly love and fellowship of other Moabites’s and was inducted into her first Sister Turban wrapping ceremony. It was that moment in Atlanta, GA in 2005 that she knew she was finally “home” and exactly where she needed to be to learn how to honor Allah, Islam, and the Prophet-Noble Drew Ali through her acts, words, and deeds.

She soon earned a Warrant of Authority to Study under the spiritual guidance of Chief Minister Ra Saadi El and was responsible (under her husbandman, now Acting Grand Sheik) for the opening of Study Group #1 out of Merrillville, IN. It was because of her continued dedication that she was appointed the title of Acting Secretary. While in that entitlement Sister Karima developed a program form for Y.M.S. Young Moslem Sisters. The platform for the program females geared towards females 13 to 21. It is designed not only to address girls and women who are members of the Moorish Science Temple of America but to all young women who are lost in the cares of the world who need spiritual direction. This program is based on a foundation of the upliftment that Prophet Noble Drew Ali brought within his Divine teachings. The key principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice will be practiced in every facet of the program.

In 2006 Sister Karima was instrumental in sponsoring the first Islamic Summit held in Chicago, IL.  Sister Karima was appointed as a Missionary and began to assist in the furthering of the Project Chance for Life Prison outreach program. Sister Karima was instrumental in not only the outreach to incarcerated members through mail correspondence but she also visited and held Holy Day service events in institutions within the state of Indiana inclusive of Westville Correctional & Putnamville Correctional. Sister Karima & her husband received an award from Westville Correctional for their leadership and religious guidance.

In 2008 through 2012 Sister Karima was the Educational Administrator for the very first University of the Moorish Science Temple of America 1928. She is obligated to Rasul Hasan Bey who is the Supreme Grand Mufti of the 1928 Grand Body and Imam. They have been united for 12 years and have been blessed with one daughter, Zharia Hasan Bey and a son, Moab Hasan Bey.  She attended Purdue University where she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing. She furthered her spiritual educational through obtaining an Islamic Degree from the University of the Moorish Science Temple of America. Her educational and spiritual background has enabled her to have the versatility, drive, and guidance she needs as a basis for the various needs of younger women, religious diversity and personal growth.

Currently, she is a volunteer for a shelter for displaced women and children out of Indiana. She is committed and dedicated to helping young women in her community any way she possibly can. Karima Hasan Bey sets the tone for Moslem women in her genre. She is transparent and yet stern about the true teachings and the Divine Laws of the Moorish Science Temple of America. Allah is love and He sent his Noble Prophet Drew Ali to save his people from their sinful ways by uplifting fallen humanity. What better way to start but with the physical source in which life comes ~ our beautiful young women.

Former SACI Amiress (President) circa 2008 

thisistheoneruthel14Sheikess Ruth, A Moorish American Moslem, converted from Christianity where she was a Minister for over 25 years.  In her quest for searching for the truth, Father God-Allah led her in the direction of Grand Temple #2, Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 in Decatur, Georgia where she found freedom and race pride. She served faithfully as the National Secretary until her health failed.  In 2007, she graduated with her Missionary Certificate from the University of the Moorish Science Temple of America (UMSTA). It was in the year of 2009 Sheikess Ruth would become the Amiress (President) of The Sisters Auxiliary Circle of Islam. She hosted several sisters circle events which included “Sisters Sewing Something Special” in teaching our Sisters a useful and productive tool for sewing. She helped organized out Sisters “Boot Camp” which emphasized on eating well and fitness.

It would be due to falling health that Sheikess Ruth Sadi El could no longer perform her duties as SACI Amiress (President); she would sit as an advisor of the SACI in offering her support, wisdom, and love.  Her contributions to various outreach programs demonstrated her dedication to the mission of Prophet Noble Drew Ali to uplift fallen humanity. In 1993, she self-published a collection of inspirational poetry; and in 1994, a collection of her poetry was published by Conquering Books LLC in Charlotte, North Carolina. In September 2004, she also published her first children’s rhyming picture book entitled, “Little David”.

On March 24th, 2015 Allah called forth our Sister to end her bond with this psychical manifestation. Sheikess Ruth was a Missionary, Author, Poetess, Artist, Illustrator, but she will mostly be remembered as a true and faithful Moslem and Moabitess; loving and devoted Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother, Sister and Friend.  She will be missed but not forgotten.

Sisters Spiritual Retreat 2015

The Big DayJuly 15, 2015
Praise Allah !! The big day is here. Travel safe Sisters.
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