We Welcome You within Our Circle

As Sisters living deeply within the faith of Islam and as active Members & Officers within the Moorish Science Temple of America-1928, we extend the warmth of welcomes within the perfect fold of our Sisters Circle of Islam. It was a uniformed consensus that we make the Sister Circle inclusive as opposed to exclusive of ALL Sisters who seek the embodiment of True Sister to Sister connections. We all have experienced many negatives and hurtful things while on this plane of manifest, through knowing our God, our Prophet, our Nationality, our History and ultimately through the knowing of Self, we have been blessed to know our True forms as the Mothers of Humanity.

We open our arms to embrace all Sisters who have been afflicted by the hands of Evil, confused by emotions running wild, unsure by life situations or just simply wanting to connect with highly moral and spiritual Sisters within the faith of Islam. This is a call to our Sisters wanting and needing to replace loneliness with companionship, find that Love of Self, get your homes in order, build nurturing relationship with your children, know how to choose the RIGHT man and find the strength to leave the WRONG one, replace Pain with Love, Lies with Truth, Good for Bad, Emptiness with the joyous Fulfillment’s of Life, understand your body and have the desire to live a healthy spiritual life.  If you are a Sister who just wishes to be in the light of righteousness, the Sisters Circle of Islam we welcomes You All!

Sisters Spiritual Retreat 2015

The Big DayJuly 15, 2015
Praise Allah !! The big day is here. Travel safe Sisters.
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