Why Do Many African Americans Relate To Islam?

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National Moabitess Day/ May 17th

167187_123886224344608_2533268_nI rise in giving my most Humble Praise to Father God Allah whose Mercy and Love endures forever. High Honors to our Holy and Divinely Prepared Prophet Drew Ali. Honors to our Supreme Grand Shaykh Ra Saadi El. Honors to our Moorish American family. 
Islam Islam Islam!
Islam Sisters in the Faith!
A Blessed National Moabitess Day to you all! Praise Allah for another Year closer with Him! I Honor and Celebrate you for your Submission and Obedience to our Father God Allah and to the precepts of Truth prescribed by our Prophet Noble Drew Ali. You, Moabitess, are the Strength of Allah made manifest; an inspiration for all Sisters of every Faith to behold. You are that Virtuous Woman whom our Prophet speaks of in Allah’s Word, Chapter 21! 
I wish you all the Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice your Heart can handle as you continue to uplift yourself and others in letting your Light shine brightly everywhere your feet tread, with every word you speak, and in everything you touch. Let the Glory of Allah rise within as you continue upon your Mustaqueem by night and by day. I Honor and Celebrate You this day in One Love, One Faith, One Heart, and One Way. May the Blessings of our Father be with you always. Peace and Love in Praise to Allah.
342323343Your Sister In Islam,
Sheikess Talia Shekinah Bey/ Study Group #8 Richmond CA
Amiress of SACI

Sisters Spiritual Retreat 2015

The Big DayJuly 15, 2015
Praise Allah !! The big day is here. Travel safe Sisters.